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Do-It-Yourself Smart Experience

  • Funding:ITEA, IWT
  • Partners:

    • Alcatel-Lucent Bell (Bell Labs), Philips Innovative Applications, KUL - DistriNet, VUB-PROG&SSEL, KUL - CUO, IBBT, VUB-SMIT, VUB Starlab, Geosparc n.v., Kysoh SA, Pôle de Recherche Interne en Technologies de l’Information (Faculté Polytechnique de Mons) FPMs (PRI-TI), Alcatel-Lucent Bell-Labs France, Thales Group, ARCHOS, Neotiq, ENSIIE - LRSM, Institut TELECOM SudParis, Atos Origin, Tecnalia-Robotiker, Tecnalia-ESI, Information & Image Management Systems, S.A. (I&IMS), Universidad de Alcalá, AnswareTech, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, VTT, Videra, Rinnekoti-Säätiö, University of Applied Sciences LAUREA, Movial, Finwe,University of Tampere - UTA, University of Oulu, Mobilera, Turkcell Teknoloji, Pozitim, Tikle, Forthnet S.A, Waterford Institute of Technology, FeedHenry Ltd,
  • Period (yyyy-mm-dd): 2009-03-01 ~ 2012-02-28
  • Members: Yan Tang
  • URL:http://dyse.org:8080/display/DIYSE/
  • Summary:The DiY SE project will enable people to direct their everyday environment into a highly personalized eaningful communication/interaction experience that can span the home and city domains. The project ims to create a sustainable marketplace for user-generated application (components) in which nontechnically- killed people can participate. The proposed Do-it-Yourself approach in which nonprofessional
    users get the tools and the support to create and share their own smart events is supported nd motivated by visions on an Open Society (Karl Popper) in which citizens are empowered to form and hare their own view of reality. The project aims to contribute substantially to the open Internet-of-Things world and the transition to Web 3.0

    STARlab contribution:Community-based Ontology Creation methodology, Ontology-based Matching and Searching, Ontology modeling, Semantic Decision Making

Click here for the video scenario (Naughty Boy Use Case)


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  4. Yan Tang, Towards Using Semantic Decision Tables to Organize Data Semantics, the 6th international workshop on fact-oriented modeling (ORM'2010), proc. of On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems: OTM 2010 workshops, Springer, LNCS 6428, p. 494 ff., Hersonissou, Crete, Greece, Oct. 24~28, 2010,www.springerlink.com/index/R6W6G71T173136W2.pdf



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