STARLab at Shanghai University

17/05/2012 - 07:01
18/05/2012 - 07:01

Dr Yan Tang from STARLab gave a speech on "Ontology, Business Rules and Decision Tables" hosted by Prof. Liu Yue from School of Computer Engineering and Science, Shanghai University. Prof. Liu Yue, Prof. Zhang Bo Feng and Prof. Xu Dong etc. have attended this speech.


Nowadays, Ontology Engineering is a necessary means to capture the agreements from a group of domain experts and enhance the interoperability amongst software agents. There is a nature link between ontology and business rules seeing that critical decisions are often made by a group of decision makers instead of an individual. Decision tables, as a knowledge representation tool, have many outstanding advantages for the business domain. The concept of Semantic Decision Table (SDT) was proposed to formalize semantics using modern Ontology Engineering (OE) technologies. SDT and its supporting tool set has been used and tested in several international and national projects in the fields of eLearning/training, ontology-based data matching, crisis management, and smart environment/ ubiquitous computing.

This presentation brings you to

• How to apply semantic technologies, such as SBVR, BPM, RuleML and fact based modeling, to decision tables

• Use cases from European projects

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