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More information about Prof. R. Meersman's courses 

3rd Bachelor Projects

The following list contains a list of 3rd bachelor project proposals currently available. Please contact Christophe Debruyne if you wish more details on any of these subjects.

Apprenticeships and thesis subjects

Recommended literature

In order to comprehend STAR Lab's research efforts regarding ontologies, we suggest to examine all publications classified as beginner. This introductory material will be useful when browsing the different apprenticeship and thesis topics we offer below. However, if you are persistent, you might want to struggle through the advanced material. First start with the famous introduction by Uschold and Gruninger:

Additional literature regarding STAR Lab's vision and approach towards ontologies can be found at the DOGMA research page and at our publication page.


All subjects are closely or remotely related with ongoing national and Pan-European research projects, and the DOGMA project in particular. But it is also possible to do your thesis and apprenticeship partly within the spin-off company Collibra. 

Below you will find some topics to give you a head start. In case you do not find what you are looking for, but you feel a strong attraction to our research subject, do not hesitate to make suggestions and discuss it with us: contact Christophe Debruyne, chrdebru@vub.ac.be

New topics (2013-2014)