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@STAR is a symbol that identifies the culture living in STARLab. It represents the part of STARLab that make working at STAR more than just working, but living as well. Because once you start @ STAR, you never stop...

Go to the @STAR fora if you want to read about past and future @STAR events. Keep reading this page to get more detailed information on @STAR.

There is nothing as nice as a taste of liquid at the right time. Whether it is a quick simple (but delicious) Belgian beer in the evening or at a sunny terrace, a hand-crafted cocktail, or a splendid glass of wine, it all adds up to become liquids@STAR. So drink up, before it gets warm!

Go to the liquids@STAR forum to find out more...

Getting up can be one of the harder parts of the day. There is nothing like a solid set of food to start these difficult times. That's why breakfast@STAR aims to ease the beginning with tasty starters. The usual way to do this is with scrambled eggs at Opinio, but some fine croissants collected by a STAR member for those who can make it will get you out of bed for sure! Remember, better preparation than this for an important meeting is hard to find!

Check out the breakfast@STAR forum to learn the times...


After timeless tentative tinkering sessions on DOGMA and its siblings, STARs can be clouded by a thick fog that limits all constructive thinking to nill. And everybody knows fog creates a nice atmosphere for game situations! So whenever you feel like taking on the Germans or the Americans in a European project game of Axis and Allies, or like finding a remote island called Catan to settle on, drop by.

Read all about it in games@STAR...

Sit down, relax and enjoy vision and sound. The STAR theatre brings nothing but the finest, hand-picked movies for your entertainment. Mix this with the correct beverage and appropriate snacks, a good atmosphere and shake it well. The result a not-to-be forgotten evening that will make a nice war story for your grandchildren.

Go to the movies@STAR forum to know more...

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